We offer two types of coaching programs

Annual Engagements

We work with organizations or individuals to implement our Scaling Up methodology by drawing an annual and clear action plan to deliver concrete results.

The annual engagement plan involves in-depth discussions with the senior management and an offsite kick-off meeting with the leadership team to draw up an actionable long and short term plan. The plan is followed by monthly CEO meetings, quarterly leadership offsite and a further actionable plan with extended teams to ensure accountability to the lowest denomination. 

A comprehensive report to the CEO and leadership team gives an in-depth  view of where the company and every individual is placed with respect to the four decisions of People, Strategy, Execution and Cash to prioritize.


Cohort Based Coaching

Our cohort based group coaching program is ideal for CEO’s and business heads of different divisions of a company and includes upto five members in one coaching assignment. Designed as a peer accountability group, the sessions serve as an exchange platform for CEOs who may be stuck in similar challenging situations to take advantage of collective group learning.

Monthly half day sessions are conducted to implement the Scaling Up methodology. Follow up one-on-one quarterly calls with CEO’s ensure further clarity on implementation issues.