Scaling Up Workshop

by Scaling Up Coaches - Manoj Chugani & Deepinder Bedi


Learn the proven framework and tools to get your team aligned, focused and engaged around the challenges and opportunities ahead!

About this event

The world-renowned Scaling Up Business Growth Workshop empowers you to accelerate profitable growth using a time-tested and results-driven methodology. Through this exclusive learning experience, Scaling Up coaches have empowered more than 80,000 executives and their leadership teams with proven tools and strategies to scale up smarter and get back to business by advancing growth.


Join Hong Kong based Coach Manoj Chugani and New Delhi based Coach Deepinder Bedi to learn the proven framework and tools that can help you scale your business up.



• What: A Scaling Up event so you can get back to business and to business growth.

• Where: Online

• When: Sept 16, 2022 – 10 AM Indian Standard Time to 1 PM Indian Standard Time

• Why: So you can learn the tools that will enable you to grow Smarter and Faster.


Are you ready to get back to business and Scale-Up your business?

ALIGN – Get faster results with less effort by developing organizational clarity and accountability.

ACCELERATE – Develop a strategic advantage over the competition. Position your brand as a market leader.

ADVANCE – Using a proven framework, Scaling Up Coaches have enabled companies to dominate their industries and make an even more significant difference in the world.

About Scaling Up

Who should attend?

If you are a CEO, entrepreneur or member of the leadership team, this workshop is for you!

Those who attend this Scaling Up event will gain invaluable insight on how they can advance their business growth. Those who don’t feel they received the value of money spent from this event will get their tickets refunded in their entirety. PERIOD.

What Participants Will Receive

• Detailed workbook with information and examples of the concepts presented

• One-Page strategic plan and other actionable tools to help grow your business.

• A private coaching session with a certified Scaling Up coach

• One FREE copy of the Scaling Up book

What You'll Learn In The Workshop

Meet Your Workshop Hosts


Manoj Chugani

Manoj Chugani‘s passion is empowering leadership teams to realise their vision for a better world.” Manoj is a Scaling Up Certified coach and has been coaching entrepreneurs since 2012. He works with CEOs, Founders and their leadership teams who have a big mission and are committed to Scaling Up their business, aligning their leadership team, and creating a culture of high performance and accountability.

Manoj has been an entrepreneur for over 26 years and has founded and led several businesses in Hong Kong and mainland China, Malaysia, Spain and France and has had dealt with small to very large businesses.


Deepinder Bedi

Deepinder (Deep) Bedi’s purpose is to be a growth catalyst to entrepreneurs so that they can discover their full potential and achieve their goals.

Deep has successfully built businesses, raised private capital, taken a company public, built large high performance teams, turned around companies and dealt with failure.

He is a well renowned entrepreneur in the IT, Telecom and Data Centre sectors, having made his mark in India, USA, UAE and Singapore.

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Cost for attending the Workshop  

Rs. 5000 per company for CEO and up to 5 leadership team members.


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