Scaling Up Software

We have three software solutions that can take your business to the next level

Scaling Up Scoreboard

More important work done. Less time spent Developing a plan and meeting goals takes a lot of discipline. Managing strategic plan execution in disparate systems, paper, email, or spreadsheets can be daunting. Our software helps to take the steam off your team. The Scoreboard provides custom tools to adopt the Scaling Up and Rockefeller Habits methodology so you can manage them on your own in just 6 minutes per day. The planning, execution, and communication activities are stored in a centralized tool and the responsibilities and accountability are shared across team. The dashboards allow to track on a real-time basis. Each day your team can update in the software and review progress on individual or company basis and update their KPIs. Key features 
  • One Page Strategic Plan (OPSP): The One page Strategic Plan houses your strategy in one place and is a living document that you take forward from quarter to quarter. As you meet the goals and your company grows, you can adjust your strategy to meet your capacity.
  • The Foundation of your plan: BHAG Core Values, Core Purpose and Brand Promises and KPIs.
  • 3-5 year targets and capabilities.
  • Annual plan of your key initiatives, actions, and SWOT.
  • Quarterly targets, critical numbers, KPIs, company priorities and individual priorities.
A dashboard of critical numbers : Define critical numbers or key indicators and share with your entire team. Simple visuals give quick insights into where your company stands. Manage communication rhythms with daily and weekly huddles : Manage your huddles in the cloud.  Bring a structure and record your daily check-ins and keep communication open with everyone on the team – even those in the field or working remotely. Priority ownership and tracking: ensure individuals contribute to the success of the company : Cascade priorities from the top down so everyone can see how their progress moves the needle for personal and company priorities and identify your top performers. Scoreboard Integrations: Seamlessly connect data and workflows : Use integrations to automate data collection for better insights and analysis to connect workflows to apps your team already uses. Reporting: Use data to evaluate what works. Build data points to guide the direction of your company. Scaling Up Scoreboard gives you unique data to analyze how you and your team are performing against goals.

Cash flow story

Improve Profit, Cash Flow and Value through our unique software

“Over 80,000+ businesses across 93 countries use our software to deliver 3x Profit, 2x Cash, 10x Value” – Alan Miltz, Co-founder, Cash Flow Story

Cash Flow Story is changing the way business look at their numbers, driving improvement to profit, cash flow and value. It delivers unique insights into the financial performance of a business and drives improvement to Profit, Cash and Value. You can understand your financial story in a simple, consistent and standard manner without any accounting jargon.

  • Power of One
  • Business Value Indicator
  • The 4 Chapters
  • The Big 3 Cash Measures

In just under ten minutes, by entering only 10-15 data points, you get instant insights into your business and the critical relationships between your numbers. As you identify key problems and improvement areas, you apply the knowledge to your seven critical levers to drive improvement to Profit, Cash Flow and Value of your business.

Scaling Up Assessments

According to Deloitte, only 0.5% of startups transition to scale-up.

Continuous growth is a complex challenge. Assessments are made for companies between 1 and 100 million in revenue. Get a detailed report and get your business to the next level. Our process helps you to understand which growth phase you are in, how you compare to your peers, and what your immediate priorities should be. Every completed report helps to improve benchmarking and provide accurate insights for future entrepreneurs.

Choose from our three assessments offerings:

  • Basic Scaling Up assessment for CEO’s or Owners of a business to get a basic understanding of what decision to first work on and what areas to improve
  • Detailed Scaling Up assessment for the CEO and entire team. A detailed assessment of all key areas across the 4 Decisions.  The assessment shows how teams are aligned and where they need work. They bring clear data for the entire leadership team.

Leadership Vision Alignment Assessment for the CEO and leadership team. This is a detailed assessment on alignment to the company’s vision.